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The word “digital” in digital dentures is used to describe the workflow involved in the fabrication of a CAM or CAD milled denture. This is a new technology to create dentures that can easily be removed. Digital dentures are designed to fit better, provide more comfort, and are more durable than traditional dentures.

How Are Digital Dentures Made?

Digital dentures are made using software, advanced devices, and new materials. The digital denture technique can accurately capture your gums and teeth as they are digitally scanned using a 3D scanner.

The imaging is performed by laser, which is safe and highly accurate. The laser is used to capture a 3D image of the gums and teeth. This eliminates the need for unpleasant impressions. Once the scan is transferred to the design software, it helps to create digital try-in dentures.

Any changes required are scanned and merged with the original scan to assist in the fabrication of the final dentures.

Benefits of Digital Dentures

Digital dentures provide significant benefits to the patients, which include: 

Precise fit

Denturists can create dentures with accurate spacing, smile lines, and bite outlines using CAM/CAD.


For their remarkable strength, digital dentures are made of high-quality acrylic material processed under high pressure and temperature.

Fewer appointments

Dentures are traditionally fitted at multiple appointments for extractions, impressions, fittings, and adjustments. Digital dentures require fewer appointments. 

Replacements in two days

If your dentures are lost or damaged, you will not have to worry. The design can be recreated at any time, as the design was scanned and transferred to software. In most instances, the replacement dentures will arrive in just two days.

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