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Eliminate having to rely on denture adhesives or other such measures to keep your dentures in place. Implant dentures are dental prosthetics supported by surgically placed titanium screws within the jaw that help reduce further bone loss and deterioration. Once the area has had sufficient time to heal, abutments are added on top that allow your denture to snap comfortably into place for a snug, secure fit. For many patients in Hanover, dental implants are the ultimate long-term, worry-free custom denture solution.

Are Implants Right for You? 

Despite the many positives associated with dental implants, some medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, advanced gum disease) may preclude you from undergoing this treatment. To learn if custom implants can benefit you, contact Grundy Denture Clinic. We’ll discuss the specifics involved as it relates to your mouth. We offer free initial consultations at our clinic to answer any questions you may have.

New denture technology



New denture technology changes the way dentures fit!

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